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Food And Survival

  • SOL Flat Pack Fire Pit

    SOL Flat Pack Fire Pit

    Set up the SOL Flat Pack Fire Pit with ease for a bonfire or barbecue. The?hexagonal design provides a sturdy set-up on any terrain with vents in the spacious base for improved air flow. The removable, food-grade grill top is large enough to...

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  • SOL Solar Shower 20L

    SOL Solar Shower 20L

    Rinse off?after an adventure with?the packable SOL?Solar Shower’s?20L?capacity. This portable solar shower?is?easy to use?with instructions and a thermometer?printed?on the bag. Simply unscrew the?front cap for easy filling and place with the black...

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  • SOL All Season Blanket

    SOL All Season Blanket

    Stay warm and be seen with the Survive Outdoors Longer All Season Blanket. This multi-purpose thermal blanket's material is heat reflective and versatile, designed with direct weave technology that traps air for better heat retention and increases...

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  • SOL Sighting Compass with Mirror

    SOL Sighting Compass with Mirror

    The SOL Sighting Compass allows you to take precise navigational readings while keeping your eye on the trail in front of you. For improved accuracy, adjust the declination with the included tool. With inch, millimeter, and ratio measurements on one...

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  • SOL Emergency Bivvy Orange

    SOL Emergency Bivvy Orange

    Be prepared for the unexpected with the SOL Emergency Bivvy with Rescue Whistle?and Tinder Cord.?The lightest emergency bivvy on the market, weighing a mere 3.5 oz. and packing down smaller than a 12 oz. soda can.??The waterproof, windproof material...

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  • SOL Flat Pack Bucket 10L

    SOL Flat Pack Bucket 10L

    Be campsite ready for anything with the SOL Flat Pack Bucket 10L. The sturdy carrying handle makes hauling water, wood, gear, or dirty dishes at camp less work on your hands. Washing up after a big meal? Pop open this bucket and fill with extra clean...

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  • SOL Flat Pack Sink 8L

    SOL Flat Pack Sink 8L

    Be campsite ready for anything with the SOL Flat Pack Sink 8L. Washing up after a big meal? Pop open this sink for easy clean up. Turn the drain in the base to empty dirty water with ease. Plus, with dual carry handles, this sink converts to a basket to...

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  • SOL Mag Striker with Tinder Cord

    SOL Mag Striker with Tinder Cord

    Start a fire even in the fiercest weather conditions with the Mag Striker?with Tinder Cord.?The?easy-to-use?magnesium rod features an integrated ferrocerium flint?that creates a shower of sparks to start over 100 fires.?A robust handle ensures a secure...